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Group 19 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022

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HTHSCI 3BB3 - 1A - Introduction to HTHSCI 3BB3 - 2022 - Recording

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Physical exercise among young people with epilepsy: Facts, challenges and opportunities, Dr. Gabriel Ronen, March 11 2022

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MacFACTS Q&A | Laura Klyne & Cassandra Russ| May 18, 2022

Laura Klyne is the Education Admin Lead for the Department of Pediatrics and Cassandra Russ is the admin assistant to Dr. Bassilious, Associate Chair of Education, DEC. In this education session,…

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Evaluation of the well looking febrile infant New AAP guideline 2021 | Ramsay MacNay (November 23, 2021)

Dr. Ramsay MacNay, Associate Professor, Division of General Pediatrics, reviews AAP recommendations and discusses how they may apply to our practice.

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Prognostic Uncertainty in Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and the Way Forward, Ipsita Goswami, Jan 21 2022

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Module 8 - Video 8.1 (Reflection)


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Exercise is Medicine 2021

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Step by Step: Tackling Youth Substance Withdrawal in our Home at McMaster Children's Hospital | September 16, 2021

Core Session Speakers: Dr. Andrew Latchman, Dr. Christina Grant, Dr. Suzanne Turner, (NP) Laurie Horricks, (RN) Alexandra Taggart Topic: Step by Step: Tackling Youth Substance Withdrawal in our Home…

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Back to School with Michelle Dion – Spark Talks

September 10, 2021 Michelle Dion runs a “Back to School” Spark Talk, featuring an overview of some tips and tricks for virtual platforms, backup services and accessing digital materials.…

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Designing a Road Map to Joy-in-Work Journey in our department: The Why and The How! | August 19, 2021

Dr. Enas El Gouhary presents her "2-bite-brownie" on Designing a Road Map to Joy-In-Work Journey in our Department: The Why and The How! Join us on this 15 minute faculty development talk…

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 30 Lecture

live coding

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Sleep disorders in children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Technology | October 8, 2020

Dr. Ramsay MacNay is an Associate Professor and Program Director of the Pediatric Complex Care Fellowship in the Division of General Pediatrics Chronic Complex Care, in the Department of Pediatrics,…

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Hypoglycemia in children: an overview | August 6, 2020

Dr. Noor Sawalha, Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow at McMaster University will present a clinical case of hypoglycemia, we will also review physiologic adaptation to fasting along with definition of…

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Achieving Resident Wellness in Postgraduate Medical Education | November 19, 2020

Dr. Moyowa Boyo, Dr. Sam Nordlund, & Dr. Megan Schlorff, Department of Pediatrics, Core Pediatrics Program, Chief Residents will help define burnout and resilience, review the impact of burnout…

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Numpy 1 : Vectorization

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Physics 3G03 25.1.2021 Momentum Accelerated GD, Normalized GD

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EARTHSC 3Z03 Winter 2021 - Lecture 1

Course introduction and overview (rerecorded after lecture)

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2DA3 Week 1 Lecture video - Intro

This the intro. for the 2DA3 course.

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Overview of Term 2 Inquiry Assignments

Overview of Term 2 Inquiry 2021 assignments

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Week 6 Productivity Losses : Mercy Gichuki - October 17th 2020, 3:56:52 pm

C781-Health Economics

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This is an introduction to MedPhys 4D03 and it contains information about course management and organization for the Fall 2020 semester.

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Welcome to Ling 4G03 Fall 2020

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