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A Hidden Universe of Uncertainty with Nate Breznau

What happens when hundreds of researchers investigate the same research question with the same data? Answer: almost anything goes. Observing researchers in such a task reveals so many minute…

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Practice: VPISH

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The Tense Phrase

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The DP Hypothesis

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Social Science Methods in Meta Research with Dr. Zacharias Maniadis

Meta-research is a new discipline that assesses the quality of research for society.  A new area of interest is how reproducible social interventions translate to efficacious public policy. Social…

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Sept 17, 2021 - Faculty Threads (Bolker, Hambleton, Hurd)

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Anthropology 3FF3_20.09.21

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The Science of Nutrition

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Lecture 4.6 - Strong Induction (with subtitles)

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Lecture 4.5 - Induction Example 2 (with subtitles)

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Lecture 4.4 - Induction Example 1 (with subtitles)

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Lecture 4.3 - Weak Induction (with subtitles)

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STATS 6.1 - Introduction to F Tests.mp4

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Week 6. Lecture 7 pt II. Hypothesis generation

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Norm Emergence and Change in a Collective-Risk Social Dilemma with Dr. Giulia Andrighetto – Productivity During Pandemic

From climate change to ecosystem and habitat destruction to the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, many contemporary societal challenges are exacerbated by collective action problems. In…

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028 ANOVA for Multiple Means

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023 One Sample Test

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024 Two Sample Test

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027 Epsilon and Assumption

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022 Hypothesis Test

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3 - Hypothesis Testing for Correlations

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