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Marking with Rubrics

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LiaM - Linkedin Learning Certificates in Profile

Learn in a Minute by Nidia Cerna - Educational Developer at DeGroote's Teaching and Learning Services. Learn how to include Linkedin Learning certificates in your Linkedin profile to attest for…

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Echo360 Ad Hoc Streaming in an In-Person Classroom

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Avenue Login and Homepage

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TA Training: Avenue Login & Homepage #2

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Avenue to Learn: Login and Homepage

A video demonstrating how to log into Avenue to Learn, and how to navigate the homepage

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Zoom Student View (March 2021)

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How to Sync Your Avenue to Learn Calendar with Other Applications

This tutorial explains how to generate an iCal link so that you can sync the calendar in Avenue to Learn with other calendar applications, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This tutorial…

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Entering Grades in the Grade Book (by student, category, and item)

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Student Wellness Centre Presentation - Graduate Wellness

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How to Download Transcripts from Echo360 within Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how students can download video transcripts from the Echo360 module in Avenue to Learn.

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Using Advanced Features in Avenue Discussions

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Avenue to Learn: Making Grades Visible or Hiding Grades

An overview for instructors who want to reveal or hide their grades from students in Avenue to Learn. Click here for a short text-based summary of the steps you can take to make grades in Avenue to…

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Getting Started with Echo360

This video tutorial will provide you with a brief overview of the Echo360 interface and how to access the Echo360 Student Experience course, where you can learn about how to use the platform’s…

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How to View your Grades in Avenue

This video tutorial will cover how to view your grades in Avenue to Learn's gradebook.

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How to Use Avenue Mail in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use the internal email system within Avenue to Learn. It explains how to contact students, customize your inbox, and configure email forwarding.

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How to Upload Echo360 Content into Avenue

In this updated video, we go through two ways to integrate Echo360 videos into Avenue: by incorporating the entire Echo360 course, or by embedding individual videos.

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07 Charts Diagrams and Graphics - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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Record a Narrated PowerPoint and Export to a Video File (on a Mac)

An overview of how to use the recorded narration function in PowerPoint 365, and exporting to a video file for uploading to a streaming service.

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How to Use the Online Editor to Trim Video in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to use the integrated video editor in Echo360 to trim video.

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How to Add Activity Slides in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to add interactive elements and quizzes to presentations in Echo360.

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How to Post Echo360 Videos in Avenue

Instructional video demonstrating how to add Echo360 as an External Learning tool in Avenue, giving your students direct access to the recorded lectures.

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Echo360 - Quick Start Video

In this short video, we’ll give you an overview of how to get started with Echo and some of its available features. We’ll start with how to record and edit a video in Echo360.…

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