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Practice: Ditransitives

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Formatting for Resumes and Cover Letters

When submitting your job application, you may be asked to submit all your documents – cover letter, resume, etc. – as a single file. It important that you pay attention to how your…

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Understanding Job Descriptions

Job descriptions contain a lot of valuable information. Not only do they articulate the duties and responsibilities of a given position, but they also outline the desired qualifications that the…

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Situation-Action-Result (SAR) Statements

Situation-Action-Result Statements help contextualize how your experiences and education translate into job success. Learn how to craft SAR statements to use in your resume, cover letters, or in an…

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Cover Letter Foundations

A cover letter shows prospective employers why and how you are qualified for a given position. Learn what to include in a cover letter to show a prospective employer why you are the right candidate.

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eCampus Program Phase 1

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Lecture 10.2 - Shift Ciphers

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Job Posting Process Overview

In this video, we will go over a lot of good outlier examples on OSCARplus. Note that I did this on two screens - you can always pause the video and select the smaller screen by hovering your mouse…

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How to View your Grades in Avenue

This video tutorial will cover how to view your grades in Avenue to Learn's gradebook.

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Week 4 - Resume Writing

In this module, students will learn the importance of a good resume, SAR statements, and using a more 'active' voice in the written word of their resumes.

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Week 3 - Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter. In this module, students will learn why Cover Letters are needed, the appropriate formatting, and the importance of utililzing SAR statements.

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Using JobScan

A quick tutorial on how to use Job Scan - a resume scanning service.

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Week 2 - Skills

Soc Sci 2EL0 - Week 2 Lecture on Skills. Students will explore Hard & Soft Skills, 9 Essential Skills, and engage in personal reflection activities to find out which skills they possess.

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03 Accessible Word Documents - Hyperlinks.mp4

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04 Text Design - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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003 Axioms of Probability

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Retaining Wall - 4

Stability Check Example

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Retaining Walls - 2

Rankine Theory

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Retaining Walls - 1

Introduction - At rest condition

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