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Heat Transfer & Phase Transitions

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Collective Documentary - Bromley Armstrong and the Dresden Story-2

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KINESIOL 3B03 - Scooter Soccer

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Module 2 - Introduction

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Practice: Constituency

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Practice: VPISH

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Practice: WH Questions

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Practice: Polar Questions

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VP Internal Subject Hypothesis

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Practice Tree (WH and Locality)

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WH Movement

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Movement Notation

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Polar Questions

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Transparency and Reproducibility: Doing Open Quantitative Social Science with Jeremy Freese

Increasing the transparency and reproducibility of scientific research has received considerable attention over the past decade. Takeup of this call has varied considerably over the social sciences,…

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February 25, 2021 Pain Rounds - Dr. Stuart McGill

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Paroxysmal Dyskinesia, Oct 14 2022, Heather Leduc Pessah_

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_15

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Foundations in Musculoskeletal Anatomy

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Evaluation and management of chorea in childhood, Dr. Jonathan Mink, May 27 2022

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Welcome to the Reading Lab at ARiEAL Research Centre

This is a virtual tour of the Reading Lab at ARiEAL Research Centre. Watch this short video to learn more about the research being done by Dr. Victor Kuperman and the lab.

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Applications of accelerometer-based wearable technology in research and clinical care | Dr. Joyce Obeid | May 12, 2022

Dr. Joyce Obeid is an Assistant Professor with the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program. She completed her training in the Departments of Kinesiology and Pediatrics at McMaster. Since…

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Wins and Losses: Measuring Protest Effects with Dr. Kimberly Turner – Spark Talks

How can we comparatively assess the “successfulness” of mass protests? I develop an expanded typology of protest outcomes to score protest campaigns on their effectiveness in…

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2021 McMaster CHRD Awards Presentation & New Investigator Spotlight - Dr. Joyce Obeid - Movement as medicine: From stories to studies

Dr. Joyce Obeid joined the Department of Pediatrics as an Assistant Professor with the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program in 2017. Her research program focuses on exploring the power of…

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Implications of disability severity on 24-hour movement guideline adherence among children with neurodevelopmental disorders| Patrick McPhee | CHRD | March, 2021

Patrick McPhee (supervised by Brian Timmons) delivers his award-winning Child Health Research Day presentation in the category of completed work by a PhD or postdoctoral fellow: Implications of…

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