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How to Write an Abstract | Dr. Joyce Obeid & Dr. Karen Beattie | February 1, 2024

Dr. Joyce Obeid, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, and Dr. Karen Beattie, led the "How to Write an Abstract" workshop for the upcoming McMaster Child Health Research Day…

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Practice: Constituency

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Practice: Binding Theory

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Practice: Case

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Practice: NPIs

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Practice: VPISH

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Practice: Passives

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Practice: WH Questions

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The Complementizer Phrase

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Case (Basics)

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Practice Tree (WH and Locality)

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WH Movement

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Complements versus Adjuncts

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Welcome to the ARiEAL Research Centre

This is a virtual tour of the ARiEAL Research Centre. Watch this short video to learn more about the research being done by ARiEAL researchers.

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2RW6 Writing your Introduction to the Essay

Dr. G. goes through the process of writing a good introduction to a short essay. Includes an example.

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Lecture 1.7 - Quantifiers (with subtitles)

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture November 9

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture October 26

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Humanities 1VV3 Lecture Monday October 19

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture, September 28, 2020

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Health, Aging & Society - APA Citation Style

Plagiarism and APA Style lesson for Health, Aging & Society

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Week 4 - Resume Writing

In this module, students will learn the importance of a good resume, SAR statements, and using a more 'active' voice in the written word of their resumes.

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Week 3 - Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter. In this module, students will learn why Cover Letters are needed, the appropriate formatting, and the importance of utililzing SAR statements.

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