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Module 7 - Video 7.3


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Finding Classes to Fit a Schedule using Mosaic Advanced Search

This video demonstrates how to search Mosaic to find classes that fit your schedule using the Additional Search Criteria tools.

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3 Tools Workshop

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Sending Bulk Tax Credits

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Annotating PDF with Drawing Tablet

Annotating PDFs using drawing tablet - Adobe Reader and OneNote. These are not the only programs available, they are just the most likely to be on your computer. Explore other options to find whats…

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Basics of Avenue

Video giving quick overview of what is needed to make a successful Avenue course

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Basic Teams Overview

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Teams

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Grading on Avenue - TA Resource

Overview of the grading tools on Avenue. Video on annotations directly in Avenue is seperate.

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02 Word to PDF on Windows.mp4

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01 Word to PDF on Mac.mp4

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How to Add Activity Slides in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to add interactive elements and quizzes to presentations in Echo360.

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016 Conditional Random Variable and Independence

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015 Two Random Variables

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011 Continuous Random Variable

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014 Exp Distribution

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012 Normal Distribution

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ENRTECH 3PD3 Lecture 11

First Contingency Incremental Transfer Capability (FCITC)

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