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October 13, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Dr. Rodrigo da Silva

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June 9, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Dr. Ekta Khemani, Dr. Julian Mulcaster, and Wanjae (James) Cho

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Intro to Data Management in Research with Data Champions

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“Goals of care in the PICU: A smooth two-way street or a multitude of bumpy paths?”| Dr. Ronish Gupta, Dr. Dave Lysecki & Dr. Eiman Al-Hashemi | June 23, 2022

Dr. Ronish Gupta is a Pediatric Intensivist and the medical director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital. He a special interest in interprofessional and…

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YouThrive: Placing Lens on Race-based Trauma | Jaleesa Bygrave & Chandan Preet | June 16, 2022

Jaleesa Bygrave is a registered social worker who has a breadth of experience working in the areas of child welfare, primary health care, corrections, health promotion, and community development. She…

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EARTHSC 3Z03 W2022 - Lecture 1

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Step by Step: Tackling Youth Substance Withdrawal in our Home at McMaster Children's Hospital | September 16, 2021

Core Session Speakers: Dr. Andrew Latchman, Dr. Christina Grant, Dr. Suzanne Turner, (NP) Laurie Horricks, (RN) Alexandra Taggart Topic: Step by Step: Tackling Youth Substance Withdrawal in our Home…

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Final Project Presentation

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Data Management 101 with Dr. Michelle Dion

In this short video, Michelle Dion, Academic Director of Spark introduces the key considerations involved in effective data management and resources for doing it right.

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Jan 22nd - Work Assessment & Return to Work Part 2

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Jan 15th Perceptual Assessment Intervention Part 2

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Jan 5th - Course Intro, Clinical Decision Making & Documentation

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DSB Workshop: Selection of Tools

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Session 12 - December 9, 2020

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Session 11 - December 2, 2020

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Session 2: Designing a Communications Plan with Mihaela Gruia

Mihaela Gruia is a social and data scientist passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design. She is the founder and Director of Research Retold (,…

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Session 7 - November 4, 2020

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Research Retold - Video 1 - 5 reasons for communicating research beyond academia

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Learning to Teach Online Guided Walk-Through

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July 16: 1. Review of Best Practices and Sample Plan

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Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Course Load

This video gives tips for planning term course loads to Social Sciences students at McMaster University. Students interested in more details may want to view the more in-depth Extended Version of…

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Break-even EBIT (Part 3)

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