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HTHSCI 3BB3 - 7A - Public Health Nutrition - 2022 - Recording

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Medical Colonialism and Accessibility to Healthcare | Dr. Patricia Farrugia | September 29, 2022

Dr. Patricia Farrugia is of Anishinabe Ojibwe descent from Saugeen-Ojibway territory. She was raised in a mixed settler and Indigenous way of life. After attending medical school at McMaster…

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Kids, COVID & Schools?! | September 23, 2021

Core Session Speakers: Dr. Martha Fulford & Dr. Jenna Ashkanase Topic: Kids, COVID & Schools?! Summary: "A Q&A on COVID, Kids and What we know about Transmission inSchools".

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Bridging The Gap (3/6): Indigenous Health Inequity | Feb. 2021

Identification of key factors and issues related to health inequities among Indigenous populations and promotion of Indigenous health allyship in the clinical setting including applications in…

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School ReEntry During Covid-19 (Sep 3 2020) McMaster Pediatrics Grand Rounds

McMaster University and McMaster Children's Hospital infectious disease doctors, Martha Fulford and Sarah Khan, review the school re-entry landscape in September 2020, during the Covid-19…

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Undergraduate Student Research Awards (Social Sciences)

The McMaster Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) support undergraduate students to pursue research projects under the supervision of faculty members. The award provides you with an…

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Social Sciences - Student Navigator

Meet Manu, the Student Navigator for the Social Sciences.

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Mentorship Advice

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 7

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Finding a Mentorship Opportunity

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 4

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Benefits of Mentorship

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 3

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What Is Mentorship?

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 2

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Welcome to the Social Sciences Faculty Office

The Social Sciences Faculty Office at KTH 129, also known as the Office of the Associate Dean Academic, is a social sciences student's academic home base for advising, services and support.

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