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Group 9 - Marc Nicolas Oliva, Majd Homsi

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Practicing Moral Resilience Part 5: Displacing the weight - Buoyancy | Dr. Connie Williams | February 16, 2023

Dr. Connie Williams is a Neonatologist and Associate Professor in the Division of Neonatology. Her academic interests include bioethics, health policy, and interprofessional education.

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Simulation for High Performance Trauma Teams: Optimizing the Pediatric Code Omega Response using In-Situ Simulation | Dr. Meagan Doyle | February 9, 2023

Dr. Meagan Doyle is an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Pediatrics. She was part of the third graduating class from NOSM, Thunder Bay, and spent her third-year clerkship in Sioux…

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June 23, 2021 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Clyde Matava

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Seeing Stars: Bringing business to the bedside | Dr. Anthony Crocco | December 15, 2022

Dr. Anthony Crocco is an Associate Professor at McMaster University and is the Deputy Chief of Pediatrics at McMaster Children’s Hospital. As an administrator, Dr. Crocco is committed to…

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Global Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Use in Childhood Cancer Care | Dr. Stacey Marjerrison | October 20, 2022

Dr. Stacey Marjerrison is a pediatric oncologist and the Medical Director of the Pediatric Oncology Late Effects Program at the McMaster Children's Hospital, as well as an Associate Professor of…

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Group 05 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022-1.m4v

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Lisa Nussey - Responsibility and justice: Considerations for increasing access to prenatal care (mmrcmidwressymp-lisanussey-video-mon28mar2022.mp4)

MMRC Student ShowcaseMonday, March 28, 2022 - 1300hLisa NusseyHealth Research Methodology graduate student, McMaster UniversityResponsibility and justice: Considerations for increasing access to…

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01_ECE716_Electric Motor Industry and SRM_11

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01_ECE716_Electric Motor Industry and SRM_04

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01_ECE716_Electric Motor Industry and SRM_02

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"Global health, global child health and career opportunities" | Dr. Cristian Herrera | April 7, 2022

Dr. Cristian A. Herrera is a Senior Health Specialist in the World Bank's Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice, and an Adjunct Researcher at the Department of Public Health of P.…

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Module 3 western blot transfer - video 2

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Mortality and Morbidity Meetings | Drs. Jennifer Twiss & Mike Marrin | Jan. 20 2022

Drs. Jennifer Twiss and Mike Marrin from the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University reflect on Mortality and Morbidity (M&M) Meetings. This discussion reviews: the history of M&M…

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02_Electrical System Integration_Part4

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02_Electrical System Integration_Part3

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02_Electrical System Integration_Part1

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04_Mechanical Systems_Part3

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Session 1: Algorithmically-Encoded Identities with Google's Ethical AI Team — Identities in Research

An introductory talk discussing the ways in which classification is an infrastructure and technology of power. Considering the fundamental role of classification in AI, the presenters will…

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Module 5 - Video 5.4


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Illuminating the Future with Dr. Jewlya Lynn and Dr. Jen Heeg – Spark Talks

Illuminating the future context through an equity lens: Why systems evaluators need to use foresight and futures thinking without imposing Western cultural values. October 8, 2021 Systemic change…

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PHYS 2G03 project 2021 -- part 1 -- raw video

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Prioritizing the emotional & physical safety of clients: Application of trauma-and violence-informed care principles in COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Summary: Individuals with a history of trauma (including experiences of structural violence within the health care system) or populations who have experienced collective trauma may experience…

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Video Lecture_Lab TSS-Thermal System Simulation