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Using experiential learning theory to innovate and improve our clinical teaching | Dr. James Leung | February 29, 2024

Dr. James Leung is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. As of November 2022, Dr. Leung became Assistant…

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Module 6 - Introduction


How can practitioners assess the value of social work interventions? with Knut Sundell

1 – Most social work interventions are not well-supported by research. This situation is not likely to change. Although guided by good intentions this may result in poor or even harmful…

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Identifying racism in predictive policing with Andrea DaViera

Predictive policing is a tool used increasingly by law enforcement agencies around the world, but legal scholars, critics, and community activists have argued that such technologies are inherently…

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Practice: Binding Theory

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School of Nursing Fall 2023 Welcome Video

Vice Dean in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Executive Director, School of Nursing, Sandra Carroll, shares a warm welcome to all new and returning students. Music by Bensound.comLicense code:…

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Case (Basics)

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Finished slides on "What is a spin?"

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Introduced the interaction picture

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Started perturbation theory. Gave example of quadratic Stark shift of ground state.

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Finished going through the Green's function slides and started looking at path integrals.

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March 18, 2022 - Ciprian Manolescu

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Scholarship in Medical Education | Dr. Elif Bilgic | March 24, 2022

Dr Bilgic is an Assistant Professor and Education Scientist in the department, with a cross-appointment at the McMaster Education Research Innovation and Theory (MERIT) program. She received her PhD…

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March 11, 2022 - Chris Miller (ceiling camera)

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March 11, 2022 - Chris Miller

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March 4, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta (ceiling camera)

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March 3, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta

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Hyperfine splitting. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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The Zeeman effect. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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BBS Module 2 instructor tips (reflection - lab worksheets and ELNs)

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2111 - Naturally Relaxed (Yoga) Models of Dark Energy - MIAPP

Talk given to the MIAPP workshop Dark Energy 2 on Nov 16, 2021

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Computational Social Science Toolkit: An Introduction with Michelle Dion – Open House Fall 2021

Spark has organized the vast and ever changing world of social research methods into seven toolkits. In this Open House series, the Academic Director and Executive Director of Spark introduce…

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