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Vector Position & Displacement in 2D

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Example Problem - 1D Motion

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Vector Notation & Unit Vectors

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Enthalpy & Change in Enthalpy

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1st Law of Thermodynamics & Path vs. State Functions

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Module 1, Topic 2 - 1D Motion

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Module 4, Topic 4b - Sketching Planes

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A Crash Course in Good and Bad Controls with Carlos Cinelli

Many students of statistics and econometrics express frustration with the way a problem known as “bad control” is treated in the traditional literature. The issue arises when the addition…

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Handling Missing Data in Social Science Studies with Rod Little

I review methods for handling missing data in empirical studies in the social sciences. I define missing data, and provide a taxonomy of main approaches to analysis, including complete-case and…

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Module 7 - Introduction


Module 2 - Introduction

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AI in Heatlhcare Rounds with Mason Kadem - October 18, 2023

Topic of discussion: Using AI in clinic and large-scale research

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Module 9 Data Science and Models PowerPoint.mp4

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Identifying racism in predictive policing with Andrea DaViera

Predictive policing is a tool used increasingly by law enforcement agencies around the world, but legal scholars, critics, and community activists have argued that such technologies are inherently…

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Revealing a Magic Trick: How well are children dying at MCH? | Dr. Gregorio Zúñiga | April 6, 2023

Dr. Gregorio Zúñiga is a pediatrician from Mexico who trained in Pediatric Palliative Care in Canada, Spain and India. Before becoming a pediatrician he trained and worked as a grief…

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08_ECE716_Control of SRM_05

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08_ECE716_Control of SRM_04

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STATS 3DS3 Winter 2022 Lecture 18

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35_Tutorial_PMSM Problems_Part1

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eCampus Algebra.mp4

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11_Permanent Magnet Flux Linkage_Part1

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PHYS 2G03 project 2021 -- part 1 -- raw video

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Lecture 4.4 - Induction Example 1 (with subtitles)

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