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Does the tale of two “methods cultures” hold up? with David Kuehn and Ingo Rohlfing

Arguments about how causal qualitative and quantitative research are “usually” or “mostly” done abound. In our workshop, we summarize the results of a review of 180…

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Procedural Abilities and Building a Validity Argument | Dr. Elif Bilgic | August 31, 2023

Dr. Elif Bilgic is an Assistant Professor and Education Scientist in the Department of Pediatrics and MERIT program. She received her PhD from McGill University in Surgical Education and completed 2…

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VP Internal Subject Hypothesis

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The Zeeman effect. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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2RW6 Writing your Introduction to the Essay

Dr. G. goes through the process of writing a good introduction to a short essay. Includes an example.

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2RW6 Introduction to Take Home Essay

Dr. G goes over the assignment description, including rubric.

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Lecture 2.5 - Proof By Contradiction (with subtitles)

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Lecture 2.4 - Proof By Contrapositive (with subtitles)

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Lecture 2.3 - Set Proofs (with subtitles)

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Lecture 2.2 - Direct Proofs (with subtitles)

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 29 Lecture

live coding

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Phys 4Q03 Tutorial for Jan 28, 2021. (This one mistakenly has a music track appended from a playlist that was playing when I was setting up and which I forgot to turn off because i could not hear it…

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4FF3_Week2_Discussion [missing first half!]

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Wilson to Lindblad: Late-time Obstacles to Reliable Calculations with Horizons (and how Open EFTs can help). This talk describes how Open Effective Field Theories can be used to deal with the…

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2G03 Formatted IO raw ppt video

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PHYS 2G03 Arrays 2 raw ppt video

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture November 2

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2G03 pgplot raw ppt video

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2G03 scope raw ppt video

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture, September 28, 2020

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