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Community Resilience

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Eye Mac and ICEE: Eye care models for children in urban centres and remote Indigenous communities Canada wide | Dr. Kourosh Sabri | May 18, 2023

Dr. Kourosh Sabri is a Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Strabismologist and Associate Professor at the McMaster University. He manages all aspects of paediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus, leading…

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Constructing “mental health research” among (im)migrant communities with Zoha Salam

This Spark Talk will discuss considerations of qualitative approaches to “research” involving topics of “mental health” among immigrant communities. Issues of the limitations…

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Inclusive by Design: Translating Data Feminism for Policy with Priya Kumar

Toolkit #7: Knowledge MobilizationThis session will walk-through methodologies, toolkits, and analytical approaches for understanding the importance of inclusive data and GBAPlus frameworks in…

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Student Research Poster - Q&A (mmrc-symposium-poster-qa-28oct2020)

Student Research Poster Presentation Q&A Wednesday, October 28, 2020 – 1300h

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Session 2: Algorithmically-Encoded Identities with Alex Hanna and Google's Ethical AI Team – Identity in Research

An introductory talk discussing the ways in which classification is an infrastructure and technology of power. Considering the fundamental role of classification in AI, the presenters will…

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Adolescent Life in the 18th and 19th century Netherlands, by Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist

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Morgan Freeman_T'inku

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Respectful Communication

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Disability Language and Identity

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Intersectionality - Applications for Student Leaders

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Social and Human Rights Models of Disability

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Introductions and the AccessMac Program

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4FF3_Wk10_Dr.Laura McAtackney

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Roddick_Heritage Management

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4FF3_Week 4_Seminar

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Social Work and the Pandemic September 9th 2020, 2:44:10 pm

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Conservation Psychology as a Pathway to Change and Action with Dr. Rupu Gupta - Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk, Dr. Rupu Gupta will share her work in research and evaluation in the field of conservation psychology. She discusses how conservation psychology can be a means to tackle the complex…

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Virtually Anonymous: Conducting Online Interviews with Anonymous Participants with Andrey Kasimov - Productivity during Pandemic

In this Productivity During Pandemic talk, PhD sutdent Andrey Kasimov shares tips and insights gained from conducting online interviews with anonymous participants belonging to reactionary online…

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Rethinking Group Consent in Community-Based Research with Dr. Karen Nairn and Dr. Carisa Showden – Productivity During the Pandemic

In this talk, Dr.'s Karen Nairn and Carisa Showden will share the challenges and solutions they encountered while working with community activist groups in New Zealand. They discuss the…

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