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"Association of a Competency-Based Assessment System With Identification of and Support for Medical Residents in Difficulty. JAMA Netw Open. 2018 Nov 2;1(7):e184581" | Dr. Quang Ngo| January 18, 2024

Objectives:To critically appraise a journal article about using assessment data to identify residents in need. Article: Ross, S., Binczyk, N., et al. Association of a Competency-Based Assessment…

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Doing-Duo: A Collaborative and Feminist Method as Praxis with Jessica Hardin

In this talk, Hardin will introduce her duo-ethnographic work with a group of friends and colleagues who part of a collaborative group, Nutrire CoLab. She will introduce some of the fundamental…

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Module 3 - Introduction

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ACC 927: Module 6

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Module 8 Process costing Weighted Average and FIFO, open, 2023.mp4

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November 24, 2022 Pain Rounds - Dr. Jason Busse

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March 22, 2023 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Alex Petre

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Feb 22, 2023 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Desigen Reddy & Saad Asif

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November 23, 2022 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Lisa Isaac

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Complements versus Adjuncts

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April 6, 2022 CityWide Rounds - Drs. PJ Devereaux and Maura Marcucci

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Interviewee-Debra, Group 2- Vinay Zaveri, Shilpam Naik, 14th November

Interviewee-Debra, Group 2- Vinay Zaveri, Shilpam Naik, 14th November

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IPV6 Addressing and Subnetting (Video Project #1) by Nika Sapai and Raish Khaitu

By Nika Sapai (Student #: 400091695) and Raish Khaitu (Student #: 400489826)

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Improving the Measurement of Sensitive Survey Questions with Double List Experiments with Gustavo Diaz

Social scientists use various techniques to elicit honest answers to sensitive questions in surveys. The list experiment is a popular option that reduces sensitivity biases but sacrifices statistical…

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Group 03 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022

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04 morison

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Statistical Approaches to Describing and Analysing Likert Scale Data - MMRC Research Rounds (mmrc-research-rounds---likert-scale-26may2020-edited)

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ARiEAL Speaker Series - Attunement to native speech in year 1 provides grounding for recognition of familiar words across unfamiliar regional accents in year 2 (by Dr. Catherine Best, February 7, 2022)

Professor Catherine (Cathi) Best is the Chair in Psycholinguistic Research at the MARCS Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University, Australia. Her research focuses on…

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team36 Gait

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team26 Knee

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45_Back-to-Back Motor Drive Problem_Part3

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21E_Three-phase Winding Design_Part2

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09_Operating Principles of Inverters_Part1

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