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Understanding illiteracy is all in the eyes

McMaster's Victor Kuperman uses innovative eye-tracking technology to better understand why some people have difficulty reading.

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One Health

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SEP760: Fall 2023 PFA Interview with Murray Walz on November 5th

Attendees: Murray Walz Asma Ahmed (C01, Group 05) Yca Meriel (C01, Group 06) Yaowen Wu (C02, Group 01) Adarsh Ganesh Thapliyal (C02, Group 04) Adhvait Menon (C02, Group 05) Saad Latif (C02, Group…

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Oct 26, 2022 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Bistra Vlassakova

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W Sitting in Children | Monty Sawalha | September 19, 2022

Monty Sawalha is a PGY-3 in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at McMaster University. The weather in Hamilton Ontario has been a warm welcome since completing medical school in his hometown…

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January 27, 2022 Pain Rounds - Dr. Lyn S. Turkstra

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Interviewee-Murray, Group 2- Vinay Zaveri, Shilpam Naik, 14th November

Interviewee-Murray, Group 2- Vinay Zaveri, Shilpam Naik, 14th November

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Janet Kasperski - November 15th 2022 - T1 T2 T3 T5 - Part 2

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Janet Kasperski - November 15th 2022 - T1 T2 T3 T5 - Part 1

First Question that was cut off: What has been your experience with the ambulance services?

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07 ashworth

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01 peachey

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Welcome to the ARiEAL Research Centre

This is a virtual tour of the ARiEAL Research Centre. Watch this short video to learn more about the research being done by ARiEAL researchers.

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Biomimicry, Section 2-1

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Biomimicry, Section 1-2

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Saving Lives with Better Sound with Dr. Michael Schutz – Spark Talks

Shockingly, an FDA assessment found that medical device sound issues are linked to hundreds of fatalities each year. Despite the fact that the technology in these life-saving gadgets has grown at an…

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Survey Pre-Testing: Web Probes and Cognitive Interviewing with Dr. Cornelia Neuert – Spark Talks

Participants will learn about the method of cognitive interviewing to pretest survey questions. I will introduce the general goals of pretesting and key aspects of cognitive interviewing. Then we…

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Module 1 - Video 1.1


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Welcome to CHEM 3PA3

Describes my philosophy for CHEM 3PA3 and, for that matter, my philosophy of higher education.

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Weight management and eating disorders 2021_final_corrected

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Lecture 10.2 - Shift Ciphers

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Lecture 4.6 - Strong Induction (with subtitles)

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Lecture 2.6 - Proof By Counterexample (with subtitles)

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Lecture 2.2 - Direct Proofs (with subtitles)

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