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Transparency and Reproducibility: Doing Open Quantitative Social Science with Jeremy Freese

Increasing the transparency and reproducibility of scientific research has received considerable attention over the past decade. Takeup of this call has varied considerably over the social sciences,…

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Slow Thinking - Fast Thinking

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So, you want to make a podcast? with Vinita Srivastava

Podcasting is one way a researcher/academic can make their work accessible to mainstream audiences outside of their fields of study. It is also a way of meeting a like-minded community.  This…

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Reimagining Our Work - Part 2 | Dr. Enas el Gouhary | November 3, 2022

Dr. El Gouhary is an associate Professor in the division of Neonatology. She is the program Director for the neonatal perinatal medicine program, chair of the pediatric department mentorship and…

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04 morison

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Idea Generation

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Biomimicry, Section 6-1

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Biomimicry, Section 5-1

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Biomimicry, Section 1-2

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Introduction Video.mp4

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Module 7 - Video 7.1


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2RW6 Introduction to Take Home Essay

Dr. G goes over the assignment description, including rubric.

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Strategies for Well Being

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Pragmatism and Resilience

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4N03 Interventions

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Module 9 - Video 9.1 (Evaluating)


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Module 4 - Video 4.4


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Complex Systems Toolkit: An Introduction with Allison Van – Open House Fall 2021

September 24, 2021 Spark: a centre for social research innovation exists to help solve challenges that come up in social research education and applications.Each session will introduce one of…

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Module 5 - Video 5.1


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