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Showed how to find transition amplitudes from the Dyson series. Began analyzing 1st order perturbations constant in time except for being switched on at t=t0.

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Introduced the interaction picture

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Hyperfine splitting. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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The Zeeman effect. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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28_Klein-Gordon Field and Lagrangians

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 28: This lecture applies the framework of relativistic quantum fields to the simplest case of a spinless particle and constructs the Klein Gordon hamiltonian and some of its…

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26-Poincare Generators

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 26: This lecture works through how Poincare generators (4-momentum and the angular momentum tensor) transform in quantum relativity. A sketch is given of the argument for the…

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Finished going through the slides on quantum gates (QI18_Quantum_gates), including discussing alternative schemes to gate-based quantum gates (such as quantum annealing)

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 22: This lecture recaps the previous ones and completes the interactions of a nonrelativistic charged particle to include the Coulomb interaction.

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21-EM couplings to charged particles

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 21: This lecture describes how the electromagnetic vector potential (ie photons) couple to nonrelativistic charged particles, constructing the interactions by `gauging' the…

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20-EM Interactions w Polarizable Atoms

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 20: This lecture describes how to construct interactions between electromagnetic fields and the Schrodinger fields that describe slowly moving particles. The interactions…

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Finished the slides on the adiabatic approximation (L18Adiabatic)

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Started time-dependent perturbation theory (L16T_dep_PT_part1)

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12-PositionSpace Interactions

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 12: This lecture summarizes the position space formalism of the previous lecture and introduces simple self-interactions.

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4Q03 Lecture 11; This lecture argues why the Hamiltonian should arise as a local function in space, and this is used to motivate the definition of position-space fields. The local form for the…

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Finished Fine structure (L9Fine_structure)

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Phys 4Q03 Tutorial for Feb 1, 2021.

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Finished identical particle and started time-independent perturbation theory.

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This is the QFT tutorial for Jan 18, 2021

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 09: This lecture introduces coherent states, and derives them as the eigenstates to which a bosonic system is often driven in the presence of persistent stimulated emission. The…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 07: This lecture applies Fermi's Golden Rule to evaluate the rate for photon emission by an excited atom. This example is also used to illustrate the phenomenon of…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 06: This lecture uses the results for time-dependent perturbation theory to calculate transition rates in terms of the matrix elements of the interaction Hamiltonian, culminating…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 05: This lecture reviews the formalisms of time-independent and time-dependent Rayleigh-Schrodinger perturbation theory for quantum mechanics.

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 04: This lecture extends the notions of creation and annihilation operators to fermions, and derives the anticommutation algebra that these satisfy. The lecture also sketches out…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 03: This lecture provides the foundation of much of what follows: the definition and properties of creation and annihilation operators. These operators provide a basis in terms…

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