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Bridging the Gap: Providing Trauma-Informed and Culturally Safe Care for Indigenous Children and Families | Dr. Ryan Giroux | March 9, 2023

Dr. Ryan Giroux is a General Pediatrician working at St. Michael’s Hospital and the Inner City Health Associates in Toronto. He is Métis from the Métis Nation of Alberta as well…

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Showed how to find transition amplitudes from the Dyson series. Began analyzing 1st order perturbations constant in time except for being switched on at t=t0.

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Introduced the interaction picture

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“Goals of care in the PICU: A smooth two-way street or a multitude of bumpy paths?”| Dr. Ronish Gupta, Dr. Dave Lysecki & Dr. Eiman Al-Hashemi | June 23, 2022

Dr. Ronish Gupta is a Pediatric Intensivist and the medical director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital. He a special interest in interprofessional and…

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"Netiquette 101"| Dr. David Callen | June 23, 2022

Dr. Callen is an Associate Professor who has been a part of the Department of Pediatrics since 2007. His main area of interest is educational innovation, especially as it applies to his cherished…

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Ethics in Contact-Based Research: Standing Out vs. Blending In with Dr. Carolyn Holmes – Spark Talks

In this talk, Carolyn will explore the ethical considerations of contact-based research and ask how the identities of researchers and research participants shapes the ethics of research in…

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28_Klein-Gordon Field and Lagrangians

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 28: This lecture applies the framework of relativistic quantum fields to the simplest case of a spinless particle and constructs the Klein Gordon hamiltonian and some of its…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 22: This lecture recaps the previous ones and completes the interactions of a nonrelativistic charged particle to include the Coulomb interaction.

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21-EM couplings to charged particles

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 21: This lecture describes how the electromagnetic vector potential (ie photons) couple to nonrelativistic charged particles, constructing the interactions by `gauging' the…

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20-EM Interactions w Polarizable Atoms

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 20: This lecture describes how to construct interactions between electromagnetic fields and the Schrodinger fields that describe slowly moving particles. The interactions…

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14-Semiclassical BEC

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 14: This lecture continues the discussion of Bose Einstein condensation and shows how a semiclassical analysis can allow a calculation of the optimal density of condensed…

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12-PositionSpace Interactions

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 12: This lecture summarizes the position space formalism of the previous lecture and introduces simple self-interactions.

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4Q03 Lecture 10: This lecture computes the energy shift of a particle due to its interaction with another, introducing ultraviolet divergences and the concept of renormalization along the way. The…

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Phys 4Q03 Tutorial for Feb 1, 2021.

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Covered the exchange interaction and began discussion of quantum statistical mechanics

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Wilson to Lindblad: Late-time Obstacles to Reliable Calculations with Horizons (and how Open EFTs can help). This talk describes how Open Effective Field Theories can be used to deal with the…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 06: This lecture uses the results for time-dependent perturbation theory to calculate transition rates in terms of the matrix elements of the interaction Hamiltonian, culminating…

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 05: This lecture reviews the formalisms of time-independent and time-dependent Rayleigh-Schrodinger perturbation theory for quantum mechanics.

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Hum 1VV3 Lecture October 26

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This lecture is part of MedPhys 4D03 lecture series for the Fall 2020 semester. This lecture provides a brief introduction to the atomic structures. Discusses the importance of ionizing radiation…

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Lecture 2 - Ionizing Radiation Interactions

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Fluoroscopy - Part 1

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