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Module 1 - Introduction


Biomimicry, Section 2-2

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Biomimicry, Section 6-2

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Biomimicry, Section 6-1

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Biomimicry, Section 5-2

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Biomimicry, Section 5-1

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Biomimicry, Section 3-2

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Biomimicry, Section 2-1

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Biomimicry, Section 1-2

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Biomimicry, Section 1-1

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43_Switched Reluctance Motor Drives_3_Part2

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Finished L4IdenticalParticles and started L5IdenticalParticlesExchangeInteraction

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2RW6 Writing your Introduction to the Essay

Dr. G. goes through the process of writing a good introduction to a short essay. Includes an example.

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aging and nature

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Computational Social Science Toolkit: An Introduction with Michelle Dion – Open House Fall 2021

Spark has organized the vast and ever changing world of social research methods into seven toolkits. In this Open House series, the Academic Director and Executive Director of Spark introduce…

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Policymaking Gone Viral with Dr. Annelise Russell

Policymaking Gone Viral: Changing the Velocity of Information in Congress. In a political culture where the latest tweet can set off a political firestorm, lawmakers have adapted…

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posthumanism and aging

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Considered loopholes to Bell's inequality measurements and also the analogue of Bell's inequality for the GHZ state (finished QI14_Bells_Inequality)

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VAW Practice video

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Conservation Psychology as a Pathway to Change and Action with Dr. Rupu Gupta - Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk, Dr. Rupu Gupta will share her work in research and evaluation in the field of conservation psychology. She discusses how conservation psychology can be a means to tackle the complex…

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What Does Mentorship Mean to You?

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 2b

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