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2nd Annual Dr. Peter B. Dent Memorial Lecture: The ABCs of MIS-C | Dr. Rae Yeung | October 12, 2023

Dr. Rae Yeung is a Professor of Paediatrics, Immunology and Medical Science at the University of Toronto, and a Staff Physician and Senior Scientist at The Hospital For Sick Children. The goal of…

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Lecture on Psychological Resilience

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ADDIE Model of Curriculum and Instructional Design: Considerations for Medical Education Research - Dr. Elif Bilgic | “Do Active Learning Methods Work in Residency? The Problem With Expectations for Advanced Preparation” - Dr. Dave Callen | May 18, 2023

Objectives: 1. To discuss research ideas of faculty/trainees related to peds education research 2. To create opportunities for research feedback and discuss future directions 3. To create…

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Describe your first day in front of a classroom. What happened? How did it feel?

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Listening to the Voices of English Language Learners on Campus: A Panel

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Echo360: Organizing Echo360 content inside Avenue to Learn

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Echo360: Creating Polls in Echo360

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March 4, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta (ceiling camera)

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EARTHSC 3Z03 W2022 - Lecture 7

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EARTHSC 3Z03 W2022 - Lecture 5

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EARTHSC 3Z03 W2022 - Lecture 4

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EARTHSC 3Z03 W2022 - Lecture 1

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07_Clarke Transformation_Part1

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06_PMSM FEA Model_TA_Extra_04

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09_Operating Principles and Modeling of DC Motors_Part1

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Example Video post

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TA Training - Content Overview #3

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TA Training - Content Overview #2

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Mosaic Student Center Basics

This video introduces the basic features of the Student Center area within Mosaic, McMaster's main online access point for students, staff, and faculty.

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Managing Content in Avenue

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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EARTHSC 3Z03 Winter 2021 - Lecture 20

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