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LR Wilson Hall 5020 Hybrid Seminar Room

A basic overview of the functionality and setup in the LRW 5020 seminar / meeting space.

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FSS Seminar Display Annotation Tutorial

The use of the annotation feature on the Dell Touch Displays in the FSS Seminar rooms.

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march 23 JC

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SMART Board features for LRW 1025 and LRW 1013

This video goes over using the SMART Board features for the SMART Boards located in LRW 1025 and LRW 1013. This includes connecting the SMART Board to a computer and using it to annotate on…

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Digital Accessibility 101 - H.E.A.A.R.T. Summer 2022

Recording begins at the start of skills-based demonstrations.

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Echo360: Live Streaming with Polls in Echo360

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Echo360: Creating Polls in Echo360

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Processes of Accessibility

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How to Integrate Mentimeter with PowerPoint

This tutorial explains how to use the Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint to add interactive slides to your presentation.

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Video Recording and Editing - Course Design & Development Workshop Series

Neil and Carlie from the Teaching and Learning Services Team cover simple ways to record, upload and share your recordings online, as well as some other cool features! The TLS team has created a…

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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OBS Slide Importing

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Exporting and Recolouring PPT Slides for OBS and Lightboard

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Bringing Back Erased Content

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Humanities 1VV3 Lecture Monday October 19

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Commerce 3S03 Tuer (C01, C02, C03) Course Intro Session

This video discusses how 3S03 is taught, how it is different from previous courses, expectations, schedules, deliverables and so on. This will be the only recording for this course; virtual classes…

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09 Export to Microsoft Word - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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05 Alternative Text - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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02 Themes and Slide Master - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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05 Adding Tabs to Teams Channels.mp4

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04 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms - Captions.mp4

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01 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms.mp4

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Record a Narrated PowerPoint and Export as a Video (Windows Office365)

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Record a Narrated PowerPoint and Export to a Video File (on a Mac)

An overview of how to use the recorded narration function in PowerPoint 365, and exporting to a video file for uploading to a streaming service.

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