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LR Wilson Hall 5020 Hybrid Seminar Room

A basic overview of the functionality and setup in the LRW 5020 seminar / meeting space.

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ARiEAL Learning Series - How to Navigate Online Conferences (November 17, 2020)

This ARiEAL Learning Series event features a panel of speakers representing Undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students who have attended and/or presented at an online conference. The panelists include…

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Echo360: Organizing Echo360 content inside Avenue to Learn

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Echo360: Live Streaming with Polls in Echo360

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Echo360: Creating Polls in Echo360

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Echo360 Ad Hoc Streaming in an In-Person Classroom

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Jan 22nd - Work Assessment & Return to Work Part 2

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How to Integrate Mentimeter with PowerPoint

This tutorial explains how to use the Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint to add interactive slides to your presentation.

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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OBS Slide Importing

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Exporting and Recolouring PPT Slides for OBS and Lightboard

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Group presentation - Part 1 (marcus)

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CSEP 2020 Presentation Tutorial

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1) ME 2A03 2020- Module 1.1 - Intro

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Getting Started with Echo360

This video tutorial will provide you with a brief overview of the Echo360 interface and how to access the Echo360 Student Experience course, where you can learn about how to use the platform’s…

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02 Themes and Slide Master - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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05 Adding Tabs to Teams Channels.mp4

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Record a Narrated PowerPoint and Export as a Video (Windows Office365)

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Record a Narrated PowerPoint and Export to a Video File (on a Mac)

An overview of how to use the recorded narration function in PowerPoint 365, and exporting to a video file for uploading to a streaming service.

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How to Add Activity Slides in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to add interactive elements and quizzes to presentations in Echo360.

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MacVideo Overview

This video outlines what MacVideo is and some of its features.

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MacVideo Player Walkthrough

This video is an overview of the video player interface and its features.

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Creating an Online Course Delivered though A2L

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Digital Content Creation for Instructors and Students

An introduction to free, easy-to-use tools and important considerations when creating digital content for teaching/learning.

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