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SEP760: Fall 2023 PFA Interview with Murray Walz on November 5th

Attendees: Murray Walz Asma Ahmed (C01, Group 05) Yca Meriel (C01, Group 06) Yaowen Wu (C02, Group 01) Adarsh Ganesh Thapliyal (C02, Group 04) Adhvait Menon (C02, Group 05) Saad Latif (C02, Group…

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The DP Hypothesis

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April 14, 2021 Clinical Imrovement Rounds - Dr. Annemaria De Tina

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SMART Board features for LRW 1025 and LRW 1013

This video goes over using the SMART Board features for the SMART Boards located in LRW 1025 and LRW 1013. This includes connecting the SMART Board to a computer and using it to annotate on…

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3P04_M7_Demo_Team03 ACL

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Lunch and Learn - Virtual Collaboration Tools - We're in this together!

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LiaM - Hide and Summon Students in Mural

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Some great tips for Mac users!

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A Day in the Life of an SLP - B. Passaretti

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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OBS Slide Importing

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OBS Getting Started - Flip and Virtual Camera

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Erasing and Markers 1

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Cleaning Video 2

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Cleaning Video 1

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Bringing Back Erased Content

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A Word on Colour

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How to Make Rubrics in Avenue

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Ling 1A03: What's up in Week 2?

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Welcome to Ling 2PS3!

Welcome & introduction for Linguistics 2PS3 Psycholinguistics in Fall 2020.

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Welcome to Ling 1AA3 Fall 2020!

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Welcome to Ling 1A03 Fall 2020!

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How to Create Release Conditions in Avenue

Learn how to create release conditions, which allow you to create a custom learning path through your course materials. When you attach a release condition to an item, users cannot see that item…

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