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LiaM - Quizzes and Assignments - Statistics

Did you know that Avenue to Learn is keeping track of your students’ performance in quizzes and assignments? Do you need to make an informed decision about changing a question in the quiz or…

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Building a Digital Space for Qualitative Research Collaboration with Dr. Kim Fortun

In this talk, Dr. Kim Fortun will walk participants through the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE, pronounced “peace”), an open-source, freely accessible digital…

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LIAM - Content Statistics in Avenue To Learn

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The Future of Machine Learning is Qualitative with Dr. Laura K. Nelson – Spark Talk

In this talk, Dr. Nelson will discuss the alignment between machine learning and qualitative methods. Dr. Nelson will illustrate this alignment by using machine learning, specifically word…

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Module 3 - Video 3.3


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Quantitative Methods Toolkit: An Introduction with Dr. Michelle Dion – Open House

Spark has organized the vast and ever-changing world of social research methods into seven methodology toolkits. In this Open House series, the Academic Director and Executive Director of Spark…

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Using Analytics in MacVideo and Avenue

Presentation by DeGroote Teaching & Learning Services Team

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Asking and Analyzing Demographic Questions for Intersectionality with Rochelle Wijeshingha

Rochelle Wijesingha, a member of the Brighter Spark Applied Research team discusses how to address demographic questions in quantitative analysis in ways that both reflect complex human realities and…

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Workshop 3: Avenue - Grad Attrib Stats

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022 Hypothesis Test

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9 - Forecasting Time Series Data

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8 - Time Series Regressions

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7 - Dummy Variables

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6 - Diagnostics of Multiple Regression Models

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3 - Hypothesis Testing for Correlations

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Multiple Regression Example

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4 - Linear Modelling Example

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2 - Correlations and How to Use Them

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1- Intro to Linear Modelling & Proxies

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3 - Types of Distributions (Normal, Discrete, Binomial, Exponential, Poisson)

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3.8 - Sample Size Example (BL602)

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3.1_Intro to Sampling & Distributions (BL602)

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2.7 - More Uses for Probabilities (BL602)

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2.1 - Intro to Probability (BL602)

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