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Final Exam Preview, OSS, 2024

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HTHSCI1G02 Welcome Video (2023)

A warm welcome from your HTHSCI 1G02 Co-Instructors for Fall 2023, and a high-level overview of the course to give you an idea of what to expect when classes start!

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What is a skill you think is undervalued or not talked about enough in regards to teaching?

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LIAM - Learner Progress in Avenue To Learn

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LiaM - Reducing Cognitive Load and Zoom Fatigue

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Nov 5, 2021 - Kris Sankaran

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TA Training - Content Overview #2

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TA Training - Content Overview #1

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HTHSCI 3E03 Topics for 2022-23

We've got a great slate of 3E03 sections being offered again this year, covering a large variety of interesting and diverse interdisciplinary topics in health, including 3 new sections. To help…

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5B PRS Planning Session

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This is the QFT tutorial for Jan 11, 2021

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PBT Video with Susan

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Note 0_ 2020-09-08

Note 0 - Course Overview

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Learning to Teach Online Guided Walk-Through

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Creating Groups (of students) within an Avenue to Learn Course

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HTHSCI 3E03 - Topics for 2020-21

For 2020-21, there are 13 sections of HTHSCI 3E03, each with a different topic. To help you decide among them, this video provides a short preview of each of those topics from the instructors…

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