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Webinar #6 - Cultural Humility and Accountability in Social Work

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SFWRENG 3A04 - Taxi Carpool Project Outline

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LiaM - Quizzes and Assignments - Statistics

Did you know that Avenue to Learn is keeping track of your students’ performance in quizzes and assignments? Do you need to make an informed decision about changing a question in the quiz or…

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Video Assignment Presentation #1

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Video Assignment Presentation #2

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Video Assignment Presentation #1

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3P04_M7_Demo_Team18 Rotator Cuff

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Avenue to Learn Set and View User Pronouns

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Avenue Course Administration and Content

This video will cover how to access Avenue courses and review the essentials of the Content and Classlist tools. It will also cover how to add a user to a course shell manually, as well as important…

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Avenue Training - Course Shell + Classlist Overview #3

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Avenue Training - Course Shell Overview + Classlist

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Creating an Avenue to Learn Course Shell: Directions for Instructors and Department Administrators

This video shows the process for requesting an Avenue to Learn course shell. This process can be completed by either an instructor or department administrator (in situations where the sessional…

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Navigating Online Proctoring for Accommodated Quizzes

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Download Media from MacVideo

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Using Analytics in MacVideo and Avenue

Presentation by DeGroote Teaching & Learning Services Team

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Quiz Accommodations in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to add quiz accommodations using the Classlist tool in Avenue. These accommodations, once granted, apply at the course level, meaning that the accommodations will apply to…

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Manually Adding a Student to an Avenue to Learn Course

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Allowing AI Media to Join Your Meetings in Zoom

The real-time captioning (CART) provider for Mcmaster's online classes is currently AI Media. To allow AI Media into your classes please use the following instructional video.

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Avenue to Learn Selective Release Dates

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Social Work and the Pandemic September 9th 2020, 2:44:10 pm

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Using Advanced Features in Avenue Discussions

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Avenue to Learn: Making Grades Visible or Hiding Grades

An overview for instructors who want to reveal or hide their grades from students in Avenue to Learn. Click here for a short text-based summary of the steps you can take to make grades in Avenue to…

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Quiz Creation - Avenue

Basics of Creating a Quiz

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