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Seminar Series - March 24, 2023

Speaker: David Argente

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Group 9 - Marc Nicolas Oliva, Majd Homsi

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Mindfulness Practice for the Busy Clinician | Dr. Kenneth Burgess | February 23, 2023

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Security Options for Sensitive Data with Lily Wang

Data security is becoming increasingly important in today's research climate.  In this talk, led by Lily Wang, Manager of SEAL, we will discuss classifications of sensitive data and related data…

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Video Assignment Presentation #2

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Video Assignment Presentation #1

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The PAIL Network | Michelle La Fontaine & Megan Fockler | April 14, 2022

Michelle La Fontaine and Megan Fockler from The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network share about the PAIL Network programs, identify some of the unique care and support needs of families experiencing…

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Network Design and ACL Policy - Video Assignment 2

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Complex Systems Toolkit: An Introduction with Allison Van – Open House Fall 2021

September 24, 2021 Spark: a centre for social research innovation exists to help solve challenges that come up in social research education and applications.Each session will introduce one of…

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Alexey - Master of Health Management

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Kimberle Crenshaw Analogy for Intersectionality

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Video Lecture_Lab TSS-Thermal System Simulation

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MUCEC 2021 - Shravanthi Rajasekar

Presenter: Shravanthi Rajasekar Supervisor(s): Dr. Boyang Zhang Project Description: Organoids which are miniaturized organs grown in lab from human stem cells have provided new opportunities to…

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MUCEC 2021 - Hesam Hassanpour

Presenter: Hesam Hassanpour Supervisor(s): Dr. Mhaskar Project Description: This work addresses one aspect of the overparameterization problem in using recurrent neural networks (RNN) based models…

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Physics 3G03 10.3.2021 Neurons, Pooling and Dropout

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Physics 3G03 1.3.2021 K-Means Clustering. Lin. Regression with Tensorflow

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Physics 3G03 14/1 Zeroth order optimization

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Quick View: Linked In

In this video, students are shown a very quick-look at LinkedIn, what it is, and how you can use it to build your network.

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Using Snowball Sampling to Study Promotion on Twitter with Dr. Yotam Shmargad

Yotam Shmargad is an Assistant Professor in the School of Government & Public Policy at the University of Arizona, whose research focuses on understanding how digital platforms shape social and…

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