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June 9, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Dr. Ekta Khemani, Dr. Julian Mulcaster, and Wanjae (James) Cho

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Indigenous Studies Ceremonial Room SMART Board

This video goes over using the SMART Board in the Ceremonial Room in the Indigenous Studies Department. This includes connecting the SMART Board to a computer and using it to annotate on PowerPoint,…

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Zoom Polls Library

This video goes over the Polls Library in Zoom and how to enable a poll or quiz to be available for all meetings.

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30_Synchronous Motor Drives1_Part2

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27_Inverter Controlled Induction Motor Drives2_Part1

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09_Operating Principles of Inverters_Part1

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06_PMSM FEA Model_Part6

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06_PMSM FEA Model_Part2

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Anthropology 3FF3_09.09.21

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Using the Avenue to Learn Annotation Tool to Provide Feedback when Grading Assignments

Avenue to Learn provide an annotation tool which allows instructors to provide feedback directly in a student's assignment submission file, while viewing their submission within the grading…

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3 Tools Workshop

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Entering Grades in the Grade Book (by student, category, and item)

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Submitting Grade Changes in Mosaic

The process for submitting grade changes after final course grades have been submitted. There is also a text-based guide on how to submit grade changes in MOSAIC.

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Keep X of Y Items (Drop Lowest Grade Items)

This video reviews how to add a condition to a grade category to count the best "x" of "y" items, such as the best three of four quizzes.

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If Loops raw ppt video

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hello world lecture -- ppt raw video, updated for .o error

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Hello world lecture raw ppt video

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How to Provide Feedback on Assignments in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to provide feedback on Assignments in Avenue to Learn.

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Inventor CAD Management with GrabCAD

Good CAD management always saves time, especially if you're working with other people :) Thanks Andrew George for creating the video.

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Week 2 - Skills

Soc Sci 2EL0 - Week 2 Lecture on Skills. Students will explore Hard & Soft Skills, 9 Essential Skills, and engage in personal reflection activities to find out which skills they possess.

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01 Word to PDF on Mac.mp4

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Embedding a Quiz - MacVideo Video Editing and Quiz Editing

Tutorial in using the MacVideo Editor

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