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March 28, 2024 Pain Rounds - Dr. Thuraya Al Hadifi

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How weird is WEIRD literacy and numeracy?

Presented by Heather Wild at the Words in the World International Conference, Oct 16-18, 2020

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Advancing the Global Agenda to Improve Access to Childhood Cancer Medicines | Dr. Avram Denburg | November 17, 2022

Dr. Avram Denburg is a staff oncologist and clinician-scientist in the Division of Hematology/Oncology at the Hospital for Sick Children. He has a Master of Science in Health Policy, Planning and…

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"Global health, global child health and career opportunities" | Dr. Cristian Herrera | April 7, 2022

Dr. Cristian A. Herrera is a Senior Health Specialist in the World Bank's Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice, and an Adjunct Researcher at the Department of Public Health of P.…

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Global road traffic injuries - How do we reach the Sustainable Development Goals? | Dr. Hasan Merali | March 31, 2022

Dr. Hasan Merali is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He is the recipient of the 2022 Anthony KC Chan Rising Research Star Award. In…

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Refugee Health| Dr. Christine Wang | March 24, 2022

Dr. Christine Wang is a second year pediatric resident and serves as a Refuge Resident Clinic Coordinator, as well as one of the resident EDI leads. Families and youth with refugee experiences…

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The Trump Election and Attitudes toward the United States in Latin America with Dr. Giancarlo Visconti and Dr. Regina Bateson – Spark Talks

Did the election of Donald Trump have an immediate effect on trust in the US government in Latin America? Leveraging the timing of the field implementation of the 2016 wave of the…

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Malnutrition Children with Cancer in LMICs | Ronald Barr | Dec. 2, 2021

Dr. Ronald Barr of the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University and McMaster Children's Hospital discusses malnutrition in children with cancer in low and middle-income countries and the…

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Module 5 - Video 5.2


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Module 5 - Video 5.3


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Improving childhood cancer outcomes in low- and middle-income countries through advocacy, policy, and research | April 15, 2021

DR. SUMIT GUPTA is a Staff Oncologist and Clinician Investigator at the Hospital for Sick Children. His research focused on identifying vulnerable subpopulations of children, adolescents, and young…

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Home fortification for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency in infants and young children– idea to global distribution (easier said than done!) | November 5, 2020

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin received his medical training at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, paediatric training at McGill University in Montreal, and obtained a PhD in Nutritional Sciences at the…

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Session 1: Data Visualization Tools with Juan Velasco - Relevant Research

In this workship, Juan Velasco demonstrates the use of free and practical tools like Tableau, Datawrapper and Flourish to create stunning and informative of static and interactive data…

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Measurement of Global Norms with Tyler Girard - Productivity During Pandemic

Tyler Girard will be speaking on the construction, adoption, and effects of international norms are major topics of research in political science. However, our approaches to measurement have…

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Emerging Powers and Big Data with Laura Mahrenbach – Productivity during Pandemic

Government intentions stand at the heart of debates about how big data can and should be used in the Global South. Laura will present three government visions for big data, discuss each…

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International study shows polypill along with aspirin cuts heart attacks and strokes

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Week 8. Lecture 9. Vaccines

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Week 9. Guest Lecture: Dr. Dennis Falzon

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Week 5. Guest Lecture: Dr. Paul Gully

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Week 1. Lecture 2. History of CD

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Schedule a Meeting in the McMaster Zoom Online Portal

A high-level overview of how to changes and setup a zoom meeting in the McMaster Online Zoom portal:

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