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Experiential Education Workshop - Faculty of Humanities

This workshop serves as an introduction to experiential education. Designed for instructors in the Faculty of Humanities, participants will explore what experiential education is, the benefits of…

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TLS Lunch and Learn May 24, 2022

A conversation with TLS and Faculty talking about Technology We're Taking Forward.Mural - Presented by Sean Park, PhD, Assistant Professor Faculty of Health Sciences TopHat - Presented by Dr.…

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LiaM - Accessibility in the Classroom

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Echo360: Organizing Echo360 content inside Avenue to Learn

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Classroom Blackboard Alternatives

An overview of how to leverage Smart annotation technology, capture the blackboard with a PTZ camera, and other digital tools to capture annotation in the classroom.

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ELLs in the Classroom: Best Practices for Teaching and Learning

MacPherson Institute and MELD/MODEL have partnered to offer a series of 3 workshops intended to increase understanding of who English language learners (ELLs) are on campus, ensure educators are…

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Engagement in Virtual Education | Faculty Development | Dr. Mohammad Zubairi (Jan. 20 2022)

Dr. Mohammad Zubairi, Director of the Pediatric Residency Program at McMaster University, shares perspectives on synchronous and asynchronous approaches to virtual learning and engagement. He…

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LR Wilson Hall Room 5012

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 5012.

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LR Wilson Hall Room 3001 & 5001

The audio video setup for LR Wilson Hall Room 3001 & 5001.

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Classroom Microphones

Learn how to operate in-person classroom microphones in mid to large size teaching spaces.

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Echo360 Ad Hoc Streaming in an In-Person Classroom

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Classroom Crestron Touch Screen Controls

Have a look at the basic functionality of common in-person classroom touch screen controls up close.

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Classroom Assessment Techniques

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A Day in the Life of an SLP - B. Passaretti

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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Getting Started with Echo360

This video tutorial will provide you with a brief overview of the Echo360 interface and how to access the Echo360 Student Experience course, where you can learn about how to use the platform’s…

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Ann and Friends - Is it Hot in Here.mp4

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006 Independence

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003 Axioms of Probability

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Preparing to Teach Online

New to online teaching and just don't know how to get started? With the pivot to online learning, you’re likely hearing lots of new terms - asynchronous, synchronous, LMS, Webex, Zoom,…

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