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Vector Addition & Multiplication

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Doing-Duo: A Collaborative and Feminist Method as Praxis with Jessica Hardin

In this talk, Hardin will introduce her duo-ethnographic work with a group of friends and colleagues who part of a collaborative group, Nutrire CoLab. She will introduce some of the fundamental…

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How to Create a Research Poster | Elizabeth Gunn | February 15, 2024

Elizabeth Gunn, MSc, Senior Research Advisor, Department of Pediatrics, led the "How to Create a Research Poster" workshop on February 15, 2024, where learners delved into the art of…

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Does the tale of two “methods cultures” hold up? with David Kuehn and Ingo Rohlfing

Arguments about how causal qualitative and quantitative research are “usually” or “mostly” done abound. In our workshop, we summarize the results of a review of 180…

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Handling Missing Data in Social Science Studies with Rod Little

I review methods for handling missing data in empirical studies in the social sciences. I define missing data, and provide a taxonomy of main approaches to analysis, including complete-case and…

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Module 8 Capital Budgeting and Control PowerPoint.mp4

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Module 7 Capital Budgeting and the Time Value of Money PowerPoint.mp4

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Turning critique into promise: How situationalism can aid qualitative interviewing with Anders Vassenden and Marte Mangset

In their talk, Vassenden and Mangset answer to a recent interactionist/situationist critique of qualitative interviews. This critique holds that because interviews are social encounters with…

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ACC 927: Module 10

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ACC 927: Module 9

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Module 6, single and dual rate methods, open, 2023.mp4

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Module 5, activity based costing example, open, 2023.mp4

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Building a Digital Space for Qualitative Research Collaboration with Dr. Kim Fortun

In this talk, Dr. Kim Fortun will walk participants through the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE, pronounced “peace”), an open-source, freely accessible digital…

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Video Assignment Presentation #2

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Echo360: Organizing Echo360 content inside Avenue to Learn

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March 4, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta (ceiling camera)

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March 2, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta

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eCampus Introduction to 3D Drawing

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eCampus Toolpath Planning

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eCampus Principles of 2D Drawing

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The Future of Machine Learning is Qualitative with Dr. Laura K. Nelson – Spark Talk

In this talk, Dr. Nelson will discuss the alignment between machine learning and qualitative methods. Dr. Nelson will illustrate this alignment by using machine learning, specifically word…

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Lecture 2.4 - Proof By Contrapositive (with subtitles)

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