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Physical exercise among young people with epilepsy: Facts, challenges and opportunities, Dr. Gabriel Ronen, March 11 2022

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eCampus Fusion 360 Modifying and Posting

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eCampus Solving Angles

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eCampus Geometry Basics

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Scholarship of Engagement | Grand Rounds | Shawn Mondoux | Jan. 6, 2022

Dr. Shawn Mondoux, assistant professor in McMaster University's Department of Medicine, discusses how academic institutions should measure and promote QI and advocacy work done by academic…

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LiaM - Reducing Cognitive Load and Zoom Fatigue

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Climbing Film Evaporator: Measurement Walkthrough - W1

CHEMENG 3L02 - Intermediate Laboratory Skills Lab: Climbing Film Evaporator Week: 1 Topic: measurement walkthrough

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Climbing Film Evaporator: Lab Walkthrough - W1

CHEMENG 3L02 - Intermediate Laboratory Skills Lab: Climbing Film Evaporator Week: 1 Topic: Lab walkthrough

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Autonomic System and Epilepsy, Dr. Ken Myers, October 29 2021

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Exercise is Medicine 2021

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Prioritizing the emotional & physical safety of clients: Application of trauma-and violence-informed care principles in COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Summary: Individuals with a history of trauma (including experiences of structural violence within the health care system) or populations who have experienced collective trauma may experience…

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Lunch and Learn - The Next Evolution of Your Video Recordings

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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Direct Observations in Clinical a Busy Setting | Enas El Gouhary | May 2021

Dr. Enas El Gouhary, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McMaster University, offers strategies for teaching faculty to incorporate observations in clinical settings.

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Expect the unexpected | August 27, 2020

Dr. Hashim Qaitoon & Dr. Nasser Ambu Ali, Pediatric Critical Care Fellows at McMaster University will discuss rapid sequence induction, assessment of pediatric airway & approach as well as…

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Quiz Accommodations in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to add quiz accommodations using the Classlist tool in Avenue. These accommodations, once granted, apply at the course level, meaning that the accommodations will apply to…

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Feb 23rd - Assessing and Addressing Affective Function Recording

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Better Interviews: Tips for Listening with Allison Van

Summarizing experience gained through thousands of research interviews, Ms. Van continues her Better Interview series by demonstrating and discussing approaches to deeper listening within…

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Session 2: Designing a Communications Plan with Mihaela Gruia

Mihaela Gruia is a social and data scientist passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design. She is the founder and Director of Research Retold (,…

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Mihaela Gruia Session 1 - What is the central message of my research 13 Nov 2020

How many times have you committed to sharing your research with the public while not quite knowing how? Mihaela Gruia from Research Retold joins us from the UK for a two-part workshop series on…

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How to Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar for Students

Integrating Zoom with your McMaster email account can assist with time management and course organization by using a single-sign on approach, only having to log into your GSuite account to access…

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4B03-4BB3 tutorial 1 video foul-up

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