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So, you want to make a podcast? with Vinita Srivastava

Podcasting is one way a researcher/academic can make their work accessible to mainstream audiences outside of their fields of study. It is also a way of meeting a like-minded community.  This…

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Module 3 - Video 3.3


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Classroom Document Camera

Have a look at how to operate a document camera in an in-person classroom.

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Lunch and Learn - The Next Evolution of Your Video Recordings

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Twitch vs. YouTube vs. Zoom - How to use these tools efficiently

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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Building a Knowledge Translation Plan - Considerations for Rare Diseases | November 12, 2020

Dr. Tania Cellucci is a staff pediatric rheumatologist at McMaster Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University. Knowledge translation…

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Compelling Websites with Celine Keomany – Open House

Spark's own webmaster, Celine Keomany, shares in this short video the elements of an effective academic website and some of the tools you can use to build one.

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Some great tips for Mac users!

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Session 2: Designing a Communications Plan with Mihaela Gruia

Mihaela Gruia is a social and data scientist passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design. She is the founder and Director of Research Retold (,…

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Mihaela Gruia Session 1 - What is the central message of my research 13 Nov 2020

How many times have you committed to sharing your research with the public while not quite knowing how? Mihaela Gruia from Research Retold joins us from the UK for a two-part workshop series on…

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2) ME 2A03 2020- Module 2.1 - Writing process (1)

MECHENG 2A03 - Lecture #2 - 2.1) Writing Process (1/2) Video Contents00:12 - Outline01:37 - Definition of Technical writing3:50 - Examples 2.16:50 - Example 2.28:53 – Example 2.311:36 -…

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1) ME 2A03 2020- Module 1.1 - Intro

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10 Practical Tips for Tweeting Research and Networking with Firas Khalid and Ahmed Ali

Presented by Firas Khalid and Ahmed Ali: Want to use social media to engage your audience? Learn how to use Twitter foracademic networking and promotion of your research. Bio Ahmad Firas Khalid is…

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01 What is Microsoft Teams.mp4

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02 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms - Images, Graphics, and Charts.mp4

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01 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms.mp4

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